Should I Pay money to Google Adsense ? Prove using Powershell

Last week I  finalized a new hosting plan . It offers me $100 worth of code for Google adsense and similar programs.  This was the 1st time I saw Google adsense with angle of an advertiser . (Probably when I last time renewed my hosting  also , I got these codes , but never used it . Was not even aware of what it is at that moment )

1st question which comes to me , do they make us fool !!! Does this $ 100 really worth something .  After all brainstorming  my conclusion is : if you are selling a product , invest only in a program  which charges you as per actual product sale .  Never invest in Google adsense and similar programs , who just take responsibility of taking user to your door on web , if they don’t promise / convert in to actual sale , don’t pay them .

Well, I am not saying something in air . I have valid points to prove it , if you agree with below mentioned , you must admit what I said above :
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How to Post on all of your FaceBook Groups Using Powershell ?

Powershell script saved as text here  ( Auth codes removed)


#1. This PowerShell script demonstrate how to use Facebook API's in PowerShell .
#2. How to load new framework dll . (Details ) 
#3. How to generate Auth Access Token in facebook. (Details )
#4. How to read online xml file which may be site map . ( $onlineXMLSitemap = "" ;$doc = New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument;$doc.Load($onlineXMLSitemap);
#5. How to run c# code from powershell directly . (Add-Type -ReferencedAssemblies $mAs -TypeDefinition $cSource -Language CSharp )
#6. How to solve overload function problem in Powershell ( Post method of facebook API has two overloads , one with Path , one without path . We are using 1st . That is why we called c# code from Powershell)
#7. How to select random entries in a collection . ($doc.urlset.url | Get-Random -count 1 | ForEach-Object )
#8. Business purpose resolved : Randomly post on Facebook in my all groups . This script picks one random url from provided Sitemap.XML and post it on 100 FB Groups and your own wall . You can reduce this number though .$  | Get-Random -count 100| ForEach-Object {
#Related terms : Bulk Post on facebook , Post on All Groups ,  Use Facebook API is Powershell , Use Facebook API is c#

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How to read online xml using PowerShell?

This post demonstrate how you could read an xml file and manipulate using PowerShell.
# I have taken this site’s sitemap as sample xml

$onlineXMLSitemap = “” ;
$doc = New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument;

# you could manipulate this xml just like an ordinary xml in object model
#below mentioned: Print a random url from my sitemap

$doc.urlset.url | Get-Random -count 1 | ForEach-Object {

Write-Host $_.loc ;


Sample Code :  Get Random url from sitemap


Can I stop my screen from locking due to inactivity?

Tonight I was watching movie on my TV being broadcasted via HDMI from my Laptop.

It was annoying to force my laptop from dying every now and then.  (Somehow I was not able to change power management settings to never sleep, don’t know why!!!)


So I quickly wrote this PowerShell script, to keep on clicking at random places on my screen:
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